If your roof is very old and shows signs of normal wear and tear, it might be time for a full roof restoration. Then call Marietta Roofing company. Simple cleaning and painting will not be enough for a damaged roof. Different types of roofing materials need to be cared for differently. The process of restoration of concrete tiles, terracotta tiles and corrugated iron sheets are all different.

In general, the process of cleaning, making repairs and finally repainting any roof is called roof restoration. When done properly, roof restoration extends the life of your roof and leaves it almost as good as new. Let us look at how full roof restoration is done for various kinds of roofs.

Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles have become a popular roofing material for several years now, thanks to their lower cost and the different colours possible. But the colour of concrete tiles fades over time and they require regular maintenance.

First, the roof is inspected for possible damages or cracked tiles and these are replaced.
Next, the entire roof is thoroughly pressure cleaned.

Then, the ridge caps are removed and re-bedding is done. This means that the old mortar is removed and new foundation mortar is applied.

After laying the ridge caps, re-pointing is done with flexible pointing which firmly holds down the ridge caps even during extreme weather conditions like high wind.
The next step is painting with a primer coat and two main coats in your desired colour.

Terracotta tiles

  • The colour of terracotta tiles is baked in so they do not usually need to be repainted. Here the steps involve the following:
  • The roof is inspected for damage and tiles replaced if necessary.
  • A strong mould killer is applied before pressure cleaning.
  • Ridge cap is removed and re-bedding is done.
  • The roof is re-pointed using flexible pointing after laying the ridge caps.
  • Instead of painting, a couple of coats of terracotta glaze may be applied to give a fresh shine and new appearance to the tiles.

Iron Roof

Lightweight and easily installed, corrugated iron sheets are a popular roofing material for sheds, water tanks, temporary structures etc. Steel tiles are also popular for residential structures. Iron roofs have to be repainted regularly due to chances of rusting.

  • After inspection, any rust is removed by grinding and a rust convertor is applied.
  • Sheets with too much rust might have to be replaced.
  • Loose sheets are fixed and rusty nails or screws are replaced.
  • Then, a thorough pressure cleaning is done.
  • A metal primer coat and main coats are done in the colour of your choice.
  • Ventilation, guttering or sarking

Thermal insulation, ventilation and sarking are very useful to improve the thermal efficiency of your house. They reduce convection heating and thus the load on your air conditioning system. Sarking is also useful as a barrier against dust, moisture and even fire. Old roofs might also need to have the gutter system repaired or replaced. All these may be effectively done during a full roof restoration.

When done properly, full roof restoration extends the life of your roof, gives it a fresh, new look and improves your property value.